Master the Possibilities

Master the Possibilities (MTP) is a membership-based, not-for-profit Lifelong Learning Center that provides quality instruction and noncredit learning experiences for more than 5,000 adult students and processes 20,000 registrations annually. Many students register by phone or in person, and often stopped by to check on their current and upcoming courses. With data about students’ multiple registrations scattered throughout different systems and reports, pulling the reports manually and extracting data fields manually could take MTP staff from 15 to 30 minutes to fulfill a simple request from a student. It was a waste of staff time and presented a poor image of the organization to students. CampusCE combined MTP’s multiple data fields into one, easy-to-read report in Microsoft Access. Read the case study to learn the cascade effect that efficiency delivered for MTP.

Princeton University

Princeton University, ranked #1 in U.S. News and World Report’s 2021 National Universities category, allows a number of continuing education students to audit select undergraduate classes on a non-credit basis through its Community Auditing Program (CAP). After six months of researching potential solutions, Princeton selected the CampusCE EMS because it was the only system that worked off the shelf, integrated with the two Learning Management Systems that Princeton uses, and increased administrative efficiency by eliminating multiple points of data entry. Read the case study to discover more about Princeton’s needs and the results that CampusCE delivered to this Ivy League institution.

Put Your People on More Important Tasks

If you have an inefficient “legacy” Educational Management System (EMS), you probably see your expensive staff spending a lot of time performing low-value tasks. They enter registration data manually. They respond to phone calls from students. They cobble together a way to contact faculty about course bulletins.

What Can Data Do for You?

Gathering useful data and reporting it in both a user-friendly format and timely manner can drive enrollment in continuing education, just as it increases efficiency and profitability in almost every industry.

Digital Transformation Made Easy

Though higher education is at the forefront of change in our society, it can be challenging – and expensive – for institutions of continuing education to keep pace with the technological changes that improve their operations, drive student enrollment, and ultimately increase profitability.