Put Your People on More Important Tasks

If you have an inefficient “legacy” Educational Management System (EMS), you probably see your expensive staff spending a lot of time performing low-value tasks. They enter registration data manually. They respond to phone calls from students. They cobble together a way to contact faculty about course bulletins.

CampusCE can handle all those mundane, manual tasks – and more – so your staff can dedicate their time to higher-level initiatives such as planning new marketing campaigns, analyzing data to glean insights into your students, and determining future offerings to grow your programs.

CampusCE is an off-the-shelf solution that can immediately relieve your staff of inefficient burdens throughout the student’s journey:

Marketing: CampusCE lets you schedule email blasts and text messages so your staff can plan a series of communications, then simply indicate when they should be broadcast. On those days, your staff can spend their time reviewing response rates rather than manually sending the emails.

Registration: With a simple interface that allows students and prospects to search for, view, and sign up for courses, CampusCE can convert almost all registrations to online, so your staff rarely, if ever, have to take time away from more important work to walk a student through the registration process.

Analytics: CampusCE not only captures registration data, it shares data with all your existing systems, from systems of record to learning management systems. Plus, it delivers data automatically to dashboards, scoreboards, and point-and-click reports. If your team currently devotes time and effort to extracting data from one spreadsheet and pasting it into another, CampusCE can free them up to focus on more significant tasks. In fact, they can help you execute the growth plans you’ll come up with thanks to the data about current performance that CampusCE will make available to you.

Increase your employee satisfaction by letting CampusCE take care of the details while you and your staff manage the big picture and grow your programs

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