Measure success. Analyze your website traffic, conversions, and online purchases.

In today’s advertising environment, educational marketers need to drive the engagement and enrollment of potential students. To date, sophisticated digital marketing tools have only been available to educational institutions with large, centralized marketing departments. CampusCE Ad Campaign changes this and allows educational institutions of all sizes to effectively run and manage display advertising campaigns. With CampusCE Ad Campaign you can start, stop, and change campaigns instantly. Respond immediately to changing market trends and spend more time on marketing strategy—and less on tactical campaign management.

Get noticed. Create targeted marketing campaigns.

  • Manage complex precision campaigns for a better advertising ROI
  • Target specific audience segments with relevant messages
  • Optimize campaigns quickly with world-class algorithms
  • Quickly setup, launch, and modify campaigns
  • Spend more time on marketing strategy and less on tactical campaign management
  • Maximize working media dollars by dramatically lowering costs
  • Lower your testing costs by leveraging smart optimization algorithms to find “winners” quickly
  • Reduce your creative production costs