Bringing together the best possible solutions and latest technologies.

CampusCE leverages its robust partner community to provide an a-la-cart menu of best-of-breed technology components and consulting services to higher education institutions. At multi-campus institutions, CampusCE works directly with administrators to provide tailored solutions for organizations that require a common methodology while reserving the need for individual entities to be able to make workflow and branding decisions at the college or departmental level.

CampusCE brings together the best possible solutions and latest technologies in the areas of admissions, financial aid application, degree audit, course catalogue access, learning management, assessment management, purchasing and payroll, while continuing to enable individual college autonomy and branding.

Contract Training Edge, LLC

Contract Training Edge, LLC is committed to providing colleges highly effective workforce development sales training. Our techniques help your sales team target the right accounts, approach the decision-maker, conduct solution selling, shorten the sales cycle and close larger accounts. We also research the latest trends and best practices from high-performing colleges enabling you to sell critical core business and deliver high-impact solutions to increase your bottom line.

Briand & Wirsching
Briand & Wirsching, Inc.

Briand & Wirsching Inc. is an e-learning company—think Web-based training—think college distance-learning programs. BWI’s specialty is intelligent tutoring software. Using tutoring technology, BWI translates traditional classroom learning to the Web, with measurable outcomes. A tutor doesn’t replace teachers; it extends their reach.


LeadScorz uses the power of Big Data and Machine-Learning to validate and score all your leads BEFORE they’re posted to your company’s CRM queue. LeadScorz enables you to get the highest ROI from your marketing dollars by enhancing every step of your lead-generation program. Our mission is to be a leading force in providing Cloud Services that empower Online Marketers by enhancing their lead acquisition and selling processes with the world’s most efficient and effective predictive lead scoring and management tools. Our primary niche is educational institutions including colleges and Universities.