Resources and support for your business objectives.

All educational institutions need a high level of support to ensure a smooth, finely tuned operation of their applications and solutions. CampusCE Customer Support provides a variety of support resources to help you to gain the most benefit from our suite of solutions. For support team inquiries please visit our customer portal or email our team at

The CampusCE Support offering  includes on-site training and consultation, online, telephone, and person-to-person assistance options, along with the creation of exclusive information resources.

When the resources included with your service are not quite enough, CampusCE provides comprehensive, fee-based technical support resources and programs to assist you further.

For general questions or further information, please contact the team at

  • Project Management

    We work closely with your team to configure your services to fit your workflow and information needs. Where new feature development is requested, we work professionally to create a product specification, project cost estimate and timeline and then manage the execution from start to post-installation.

  • Proactive Services

    In-depth consulting, advisory and knowledge-transfer services reduce IT management and support costs by helping to predict and prevent problems before they happen. We back up your data on a daily basis and are on call 24/7 to maintain a smoothly functioning environment.

  • Superb Documentation

    Online, available 24/7, all systems are supported by easy-to-use, step-by-step simple documentation. In many cases, job cards are available to walk administrative staff through simple steps.

  • Account Management

    You will be working with a named member of the CampusCE team. They will work to understand your business objectives and resources. They will share with you their understanding of the business processes of many administrators in jobs like yours as well as tips, techniques and ideas to enhance your business and achieve desired results.