Our History

Since 1999, CampusCE has been the set of solutions institutions cannot go without.

CampusCE began providing web-based education management software to continuing education and corporate training institutions in the Pacific Northwest, in October of 1999. Our focus on the corporate and continuing education market represented the fastest growing segment of the $23 billion learning software market. At the turn of the millennium, CampusCE set out to revolutionize the institutional approach of higher education organizations to their open enrollment programs, and empower those learning and training communities through innovative web2.0 technologies.

CampusCE is currently deployed at major community colleges and corporate training centers in over twenty states, reaching over 500,000 continuing education and corporate training students nationwide.

Over the years our team has grown to understand that listening and asking the right questions have been the most important components to our success – that is our number one priority as we move toward 2020. We can’t accomplish our mission without an in-depth understanding of our community partner businesses and their unique to-market challenges, institutional roadblocks, and fiscal limitations.

Our Purpose

Powerful, easy to use and available on demand. The CampusCE Education Management System (EMS) exists to significantly reduce administrative costs, optimize the allocation of resources, increase administrator productivity and simplify marketing efforts.

Our solutions facilitate resource optimization, provide marketing and constituent relationship management tools and enhance program visibility through flexible e-commerce catalogs that improve our clients’ ability to provide services to students while lowering costs throughout their organization.

Why SaaS?

The CampusCE EMS is provided through a Software as a Service platform (SaaS) that enables institutions to electronically connect students, faculty and administrators throughout the complex registration, academic scheduling, student relationship and education management processes.

The philosophy of providing best-of-breed interoperable web-based component solutions through an on-demand, Software as a Service (SaaS) basis provides our customers with a highly configurable and customizable hosted system. Combined with low initial costs and short implementation times, the CampusCE implementation methodology materially reduces the costs and risks associated with deploying traditional enterprise applications.

We are constantly expanding our suite of solutions for open enrollment programs. Our cutting-edge systems are made for an openly collaborative environment of tools that are designed around the specific needs of our community and vendor partners.