Offering your catalog, registration, and payment online is increasingly important to students who expect a one-stop, convenient registration experience. The CampusCE Education Management System (EMS) has you covered and CampusCE’s added training, consulting and integration services will increase your bottom line. Come, take a look.

  • Streamline to Reduce Costs

    Increase the efficiency of your business. Automate your academic scheduling and catalog publishing, pay instructors using multiple scale methods, run enrollment and pipeline analytics and produce custom reports to provide a 360 degree view of how your organization is operating.

  • Increase Revenue

    Increase sales by capturing impulse buyers and upselling during the checkout process. Tap into existing opportunities by notifying past customers of upcoming classes or events that relate directly to them and their history with your institution.

  • Improve Retention

    One of the best ways to retain students is to stay in contact. Powerful marketing and segmentation tools are available when you want to create an attractive community event and provide online registration through your portal. Student and attendee profiles will automatically be logged into the system.

  • Brand Recognition

    Increase your marketability by having control over your company image. Customize email marketing campaigns, design your catalog and registration portal and strengthen your appeal with the help of CampusCE’s design team.

  • Reach Your Prospects

    Gain access to new prospects by offering course discounts to specific segments in your community such as Osher Members or the Chamber of Commerce. Communicate with your constituents on their terms, whether it be through email campaigns, text message, automated voice, or simply through their account online.