What Can Data Do for You?

Gathering useful data and reporting it in both a user-friendly format and timely manner can drive enrollment in continuing education, just as it increases efficiency and profitability in almost every industry.

CampusCE makes it easy to take advantage of the data you may have – but can’t act on – and start collecting the data you should have. Educational organizations as varied as world-renown Princeton University’s Community Auditing Program (CAP) and Master the Possibilities (MTP), a Lifelong Learning Center in Ocala, FL have turned to CampusCE to move from phone- and paper-based registrations to capturing data through online registration.

At Princeton, 100% of CAP students now register online and the new-found availability and quantity of CAP data has created new relationships and driven new conversations with other academic units and campus-based businesses.

CampusCE makes it easy to take advantage of the data you may have – but can’t act on

At MTP, where both students and staff complained that it took 15 to 30 minutes to fulfill a simple inquiry about courses, now students send regular feedback that their new, detailed registration report is simple enough to understand, while containing all the necessary details in one view. And it takes just a few keystrokes to find the information.

While CampusCE simplified the process for both schools and their students and increased satisfaction among staff and students, how can it support your enrollment goals? By integrating data with systems of record like PeopleSoft and Banner, learning management systems like Canvas and Blackboard, payment processors and point of sale systems, and third-party content and credentialing providers like ed2go and Credly.

You get more accurate information about current performance and needs. That data can drive the email blasts, text messages, social media campaigns, and other tools in CampusCE that deliver your key messages to your targeted audiences, whether existing students or new prospects. And with a clean e-commerce interface that streamlines the registration process, you’ll convert more leads into students. The data you’ll capture, too, will provide further insights into your students so you can continue to build enrollment in the future.

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