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Though higher education is at the forefront of change in our society, it can be challenging – and expensive – for institutions of continuing education to keep pace with the technological changes that improve their operations, drive student enrollment, and ultimately increase profitability.

CampusCE is designed to usher organizations of continuing education into the digital future so they can fulfill their missions that may include life-long learning, corporate training, career development, and more. It does so through these key benefits:

  • Ease of implementation
  • Simple user experience
  • Integration with existing systems

Ease of implementation:

CampusCE is a powerful tool that is implemented quickly and efficiently by staff that has experience in continuing education and is completely dedicated to customer service. Atter Princeton University’s Community Auditing Program (CAP) spent six months researching potential solutions to replace an old EMS that could no longer be updated, they selected CampusCE as the best and most comprehensive solution and the only one that worked off the shelf.

Simple user experience:

CampusCE simplifies the user interface so both students and prospects can search your catalogue, add courses to their cart, and pay online – just as they would at amazon.com or any other leading e-commerce site. Then, once students are enrolled, they can access self-help tools and even sign into classrooms so your staff will be free to focus on tasks other than customer service. It is also intuitive for administrators and staff to use with clear dashboards, scoreboards, and point-and-click reports.

CampusCE is designed to usher organizations of continuing education into the digital future

Integration with existing systems:

When students register online, their data is delivered automatically to any system you currently use by CampusCE, so you’ll gain insights into performance. And CampusCE integrates with systems of record like PeopleSoft and Banner, learning management systems like Canvas and Blackboard, payment processors and point of sale systems, and third-party content and credentialing providers like ed2go and Credly. So it automates the entry, analysis, and sharing of data not only in your continuing education, but across your entire organization.

The result of working with CampusCE is savings in time, resources, and money that increase efficiency and competitiveness. As continuing education is poised for growth, that’s more important than ever.

We’re in your corner

When you work with CampusCE, you’re working with higher education professionals who have been in your shoes.