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CampusCE Welcomes Arapahoe Community College

SEATTLE – CampusCE would like to welcome the Workforce & Community Education program at Arapahoe Community College.

“Workforce and Community Programs at Arapahoe Community College is very excited to be working with CampusCE. We’re looking forward to improving the customer experience through an improved website, seamless registration process, and a user-friendly shopping cart.  CampusCE has provided great training and an endless support site full of resources should we need them.  We’re beyond happy with the entire staff at CampusCE and look forward to a long partnership,” said Amber Tolliver, Operations Manager, Workforce & Community Programs.

“We are excited to be working with Julie, Amber and the entire Team at Arapahoe.  Our goal is to help create a seamless user experience and allow focus to be on more services and outreach activities to grow their program,” said Loren Pace, CEO and President, CampusCE.

Notes to Editors:

About CampusCE Corporation:
CampusCE began providing web-based education management software to continuing education and corporate training institutions in the Pacific Northwest, in October of 1999. Our focus on the corporate and continuing education market represented the fastest growing segment of the $23 billion learning software market. At the turn of the millennium, CampusCE set out to revolutionize the institutional approach of higher education organizations to their open enrollment programs and empower those learning and training communities through innovative web2.0 technologies.

About Workforce and Community Programs (WCP) at Arapahoe Community College
Workforce and Community Programs has been serving the community in Littleton, CO for over 25 years.  WCP strives to meet the career development, professional training, and personal enrichment demands of the community by working with internal and external individuals, departments, partners, businesses and organizations to identify the education and training needs of the community.  Through individual and business assessments, along with hiring top talent, WCP offers a wide range of programs from personal enrichment and professional development to apprenticeship programs.