CampusCE Integration Strategy

Seattle, WA. CampusCE has been integrating with ERP systems since 2002.  The CampusCE EMS accommodates bi-directional information exchange with multiple back-end enterprise systems using respective identity fields. Our solutions are developed on Microsoft.NET and SQL server database technology, providing the most flexible integration options. CampusCE – ERP Integration is available via the following methods:

Real-Time: Data is transferred and synchronized in real-time via uni-directional or bi-directional web services.

Batch Upload – download: Data is transferred and synchronized in a batch process in various formats.

CampusCE API: API (Application Programming Interface) allows institutional developers to access open enrollment related data for import/export from the CampusCE EMS and the institutional enterprise system. The CampusCE API is designed to allow for greater flexibility and customer control while integrating with the CampusCE EMS, but assumes some technical knowledge and requires working knowledge of web services and XML.

CampusCE ERP Integration Methodology:

CampusCE meets with appropriate stakeholders in registration, finance and human resources to carefully establish all the business rules related to the integration and synchronization of data to determine which of the above integration methods is appropriate for the given module and workflow.

CampusCE meets with your institution’s IT staff to determine your particular ERP’s instance database schema for each of the modules in which integration is required. We understand every ERP installation is unique, and our team works directly with your institution’s administrators in order to coordinate with updates to the integration process as needed.

Data-warehousing a State reporting solution: The CampusCE development team has experience with reporting CE & open enrollment data for entities at the State level. Data from a state-wide CampusCE implementation of sixteen institutions and sixty-seven campuses is manipulated in a data-warehousing solution for the Kentucky Community & Technical College System.

If the ERP is offline: The CampusCE EMS accounts for the possibility that your institution’s ERP may be offline during the student’s experience. In this event the CampusCE EMS provides a seamless experience for the student, allowing the student to create a registration. Synchronization of data will occur once the ERP is back online.

Integration Audits & Logging: The CampusCE EMS is built with auditing fields to track who made changes and when. Within the integration process these fields are used to validate the data exchange process, accommodating data transfer history for auditing purposes. The Integration process incorporates detailed logging and alerting features, alerting appropriate personnel should a fault occur. The logging process provides the necessary information to the institution and CampusCE support team, allowing for triage, analysis and retries of integration attempts as needed.