CampusCE enables Google Analytics for Online Registration

CampusCE now includes enhanced E-commerce Google Analytics tracking as part of its EMS implementation process.

CampusCE utilizes Google Analytics to enhance a customer’s ability to track website traffic and page views. This information is invaluable in determining the answers to such common marketing questions as:

“Where is our website traffic coming from?”
“Where are the users visiting once they reach our site?”
“What pages generate the most traffic?”

Our new optional enhancements allow even further granularity in analyzing the wealth of information available from your website traffic. CampusCE is now able to empower its users with e-commerce tracking. With e-commerce tracking you are now able to determine not only what pages a user visits but what they purchased, how much they spent, general conversion rates and more! Use this information to help refine marketing strategies, determine ROI of current offerings and steer future decision making with new data driven methodologies.