Recruiting with Technology

via Campus Technology “James Maraviglia remembers a time when California Polytechnic State University relied on a paper-based system to keep track of its prospective and new students. The year was 1991, and this associate vice provost for marketing and enrollment development was a new hire at the San Luis Obispo, CA-based institution.

‘I was immediately concerned by the fact that admissions applications were being processed by hand,’ recalled Maraviglia. The Web hadn’t developed into a viable entity for business yet, so the school created an electronic, disk-based application to track such records. The system was superior to the paper-based approach but still lacked efficiencies and required much human intervention, according to Maraviglia.

In 1999, with the Web movement at full throttle, Maraviglia looked around at the solutions that were available on the market. Finding nothing, the university developed its own ‘modern day version of a customer relationship management (CRM) system,’ he said. ‘We launched it in 2000, and have been expanding on it ever since.'” [Continue Reading at Campus Technology]