Join Your CampusCE Team at This Year’s Users Group!

Connect your students online for success! Lucy has pulled together some ingenious ways to drive students to their computers (and not yours!) to register. Lucy shares strategies, functionality, bribes and marketing ideas to entice students to answer their own questions and register with ease using CampusCE. Count on idea sharing during this session so that we all leave with more tools to combat ringing phones and “Knock, knock, are you busy?” interruptions.

Lucy Woodhouse has 30 years of experience in nonprofit administration, including 6 years as the Director of OLLI @Furman. Inspired by the team and support she received from CampusCE as a customer, Lucy became the Lifelong Learning Manager at CampusCE in March 2018. Her role is to support all current customers and provide ideas for development for future growth.

September 16, 17, 18, 2019 at CampusCE Headquarters, Seattle, Washington
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