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CampusCE Webinar: “From Flatline to Thrive: Revitalizing your Lifelong Learning Program”

  • WHEN: Thursday, August 24th at 2:30PM Eastern/11:30AM Pacific
  • WHAT: 30-45 minute webinar
  • HOW: Send an email to to RSVP

Have you recently taken over a lifelong learning program that isn’t doing well? Or, maybe you are ready to take your program in a different direction? This webinar will look at what one small, two-year college did to turn their Lifelong Learning program around.

Share ideas, and think of your program in a different way.

Presented by Heather Palermo, Director of the Center for Lifelong Learning at Great Falls College MSU in Montana.

Send an email to to RSVP

Email the team at to ask questions about the webinar or ask how your program can streamline operations with CampusCE.