CampusCE Provides Solution for NDUS

CampusCE is pleased to announce that the North Dakota University System (NDUS) with five community colleges, four regional universities and two research universities has chosen CampusCE to service their continuing education, and workforce training management needs. NDUS will utilize CampusCE’s PeopleSoft integration capabilities to provide a common reporting platform across the NDUS institutions.

TrainND, the workforce training arm of NDUS, whose mission is to enhance the ability of North Dakota business and industry to compete in the global market place, will be able to leverage the internet by providing the latest e-course delivery technology with the CampusCE ELATS platform. ELATS, the e-learning, assessment and tutoring system is designed to effectively deliver customizable content to key corporate accounts in a flexible, yet simple method that tracks learning through mid-course assessments & learning reinforcement tools.