CampusCE Partners with 360Training

CampusCE is pleased to announce its revenue sharing partnership with, a multi-national e-learning pioneer, focused on delivering high quality compliance, licensing and workforce education online. The CampusCE EMS will be used as a platform to publish 360 training curriculum in fully configurable and customer branded web catalogs to take advantage of the automated registration, conversion optimization and payment processing integration tools inherent in the CampusCE EMS, introducing CampusCE customers to over 6,000+ Licensing, Compliance and Career Training courses.

CampusCE Partners with AdReady

CampusCE is pleased to announce its partnership with AdReady to provide a powerful digital display advertising platform, enabling higher education marketers to successfully reach and convert digital consumers. In tandem with CampusCE’s EMS automated registration, payment processing and conversion optimization tools, the CampusCE | AdReady partnership provides a fully integrated front-end for getting the most out of your institution’s digital presence.