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When you work with CampusCE, you’re working with higher education professionals who have been in your shoes. You get the benefit of our industry knowledge so it’s easier to get the most from our leading education management system (EMS) built specifically for you. And you’ll always talk to a person, never a bot.

Manage data better to drive enrollment and efficiency

As a higher education administrator, you need systems that let you do your job to nurture learning communities. CampusCE’s education management system is so seamless it’s practically invisible…
but you’ll know it’s there, working for you and with you every step of the way.

Students and members can search, register, and pay online as they do on the largest e-commerce sites. Self-help tools in their online profile allow them to view and print receipts and certificates, review their class history, access classrooms with a single sign-on, and much more. In addition to appreciating these user-friendly features, students will see your organization as digitally proficient.

CampusCE automates the entry, analysis, and sharing of data through its integration with systems of record like PeopleSoft and Banner, learning management systems like Canvas and Blackboard, payment processors and point of sale systems, and third-party content and credentialing providers like ed2go and Credly. You get more accurate information for less effort.

CampusCE securely stores all your student information in the cloud. The data is available any time so you can always access and manage it without having to invest in your own expensive storage systems or privacy protocols.

CampusCE organizes data from multiple sources and delivers it the way you want to see it in dashboards, scoreboards, and point-and-click reports. You get a 360-degree view of your organization with actionable information while streamlining your workload.

Energize your marketing efforts with email blasts, social media campaigns, and more tools that will deliver your key messages to your targeted audiences. With CampusCE, you can also communicate quickly and clearly with your students through text messages and email, weather you want to send an update about a classroom location change on the spot, or schedule a communications to drive registration for the next term.

CampusCE automates and simplifies complex and time-intensive tasks from scheduling to payroll to reporting so you save time, resources, and money. Recently introduced features including auto-enrollment, communications scheduling, and text messaging further save time and increase registration even as they improve the student and corporate partner experience.


Now you can text students and reach them on their phones – where
they’ll get the message right away, whether it’s about a
canceled class or classroom change.


Now you can schedule both text messages and emails, so you can
plan your communications ahead of time and broadcast them exactly
when you want, without manual effort.


Now you can schedule both text messages and emails, so you can
plan your communications ahead of time and broadcast them exactly
when you want, without manual effort.

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Case Studies

Read our latest case studies to see how CampusCE has implemented our expertise in the field.

A man studying in sunlight, CampusCE Case Study, Princetone University

Princeton University

Princeton University, ranked #1 in U.S. News and World Report’s 2021 National Universities category, allows a number of continuing education students to audit select undergraduate classes on a non-credit basis through its Community Auditing Program (CAP). After six months of researching potential solutions, Princeton selected the CampusCE EMS because it was the only system that worked off the shelf, integrated with the two Learning Management Systems that Princeton uses, and increased administrative efficiency by eliminating multiple points of data entry. Read the case study to discover more about Princeton’s needs and the results that CampusCE delivered to this Ivy League institution.

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