Service In The Cloud

The CampusCE Education Management System (EMS) is provided under a Software as a Service, or SaaS model. This means that we host the software on our servers and provide support and upgrade services on a subscription basis, accessible via the internet.

Improve Efficiency

  • Reduce Capital Expenditure – no hardware, networking equipment or server allocation.
  • Reduce Implementation & Support Time – your services are in the cloud.
  • Focus IT resources on supporting for-credit ERP’s, security, hardware and network infrastructure.
  • No additional set-up, monitoring and support personnel are required.
  • Automatic upgrades are delivered without service calls or additional support from your IT staff.

Ensure Security

Built using Microsoft .NET technology with an SQL Server database structure, the latest archetecture strategies are used to assure your data is protected throughout the information lifecycle.

Hardware Security
  • UPS Backup
  • Generator power backup
  • Seismic earthquake rated coloction facility
  • Multi-provider internet connectivity ensuring an “always on” connection
  • Biometric security access to servers
Software Security
  • Ensure a secure data stream with top industr certificates
  • Prevent security breaches using total database encryption
  • Triple-DES encrypted data stream between server and client
  • Closed tunnel and encrypted backups
  • Permission-based application access