“We did a lot of research before choosing CampusCE as our registration management system. We were looking for a robust system that we could adapt to our way of doing business and this software was reasonably priced and had all the features we needed. The CampusCE Support Team was very helpful during the build stage and was there when we had a question or needed to adapt the program to a different way of doing things. We went live in April and within days, had students registering for summer quarter. This system is such an improvement from the old way of doing things and already staff who used to have to manually register each student, have time to do other things.”

“I like the speed at which I can put together the schedule; and I love all of the calendar views.”

“The subscription pricing model makes it as easy to buy CampusCE service as it is to buy from Nordstrom.”

“In the first month we offered registration through our Continuing Education web site, the online registrations accounted for 29 percent of the total transactions. By winter quarter, we registered almost 50 percent of our students through the web.”