CampusCE has over seventy clients in 20 states in each of the major geographic regions of the United States. Our clients vary in size and elect to use our services in different capacities, ranging from online registration for individual departments at single and multi campus institutions to fully integrated data-warehousing solutions for state-wide community college systems.

“I like the speed at which I can put together the schedule; and I love all of the calendar views.”

“The subscription pricing model makes it as easy to buy CampusCE service as it is to buy from Nordstrom.”

“In the first month we offered registration through our Continuing Education web site, the online registrations accounted for 29 percent of the total transactions. By winter quarter, we registered almost 50 percent of our students through the web.”

“Tacoma Community College is pleased to be a CampusCE user. Going online has significantly increased our visibility and students consistently comment on how easy it is now to register for a class.”

Featured Clients

Bellevue College, Washington

Founded in 1966, Bellevue  College is accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges, Commission on Colleges and is part of the Washington State Community College System. BC is the third largest higher education institution in Washington serving over 19,000 individual students per quarter. The CampusCE Education Management System was implemented in February 2000 and has been used to manage and optimize the resources of BC Continuing Education’s more than 1000 individual classes. In addition, BC uses the CampusCE s E-Commerce and order processing system to register more than 50% of all of its enrollments. BC’s Continuing Education and Lifelong learning department is the largest such department in the state of Washington, serving over 10,000 continuing education students per quarter.

Illinois Central College, Illinois

In 2010, Illinois Central College (ICC) selected CampusCE’s Version 6.0 as a comprehensive management solution for its Corporate and Community Education division. ICC utilizes CampusCE’s functionality that provides each department within the division their own uniquely branded website that is centrally managed from a single interface and database structure. In addition, ICC has collaborated with CampusCE to customize and expand functionality for third party registration, allowing employers or families to register one or many members online and to develop an integration with the PeopleSoft enterprise system.

Furman University, South Carolina

Furman University is a nationally recognized liberal arts university founded in 1826 in Greenville, South Carolina. Furman University Learning for You, Center for Corporate and Professional Development and Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes, make use of the cloud technology offered by the CampusCE Education Management System. CampusCE provides registration software and management solutions that allow these departments to offer a comprehensive, uniquely branded, e-commerce sites to their constituents.

Clark College, Washington

The CampusCE Education Management System (EMS), serves the Clark College Corporate and Continuing Education Division which is the region’s premier provider of classes, seminars, certificate programs and training opportunities, serving residents and businesses of Southwest Washington and beyond. Clark College is dedicated to providing a variety of lifelong learning, personal enrichment and professional development training for individuals re-entering the job world, moving up the corporate ladder or simply interested in acquiring a new skill. The Clark College Corporate and Continuing Education e-commerce page features the majority of best practices we’ve found through close collaboration with their administrators. You can navigate to their registration page through this link.

University of Minnesota, Minnesota

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at The University of Minnesota is a new addition to the CampusCE Lifelong Learning Family. Our commitment to lifelong learning is stronger than ever, and we will provide administration, online membership, registration and payment services for the growing lifelong learning program at the University of Minnesota.

Kentucky Community & Technical College System, Kentucky

In 2010, the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) chose CampusCE to service the needs of its Continuing Education and Open Enrollment programs with CampusCE’s on-demand Education Management System. CampusCE  provide the EMS solution to all 16 colleges and 67 campuses of KCTCS. The CampusCE EMS software platform created a common reporting platform through which KCTCS system schools efficiently provide standardized reporting to a KCTCS data warehouse. While the KCTCS mission is to provide general education, it is expanding its focus on occupational/technical education. In the past ten years KCTCS has become the largest provider of postsecondary education and workforce training in the state of Kentucky. In 2007, KCTCS colleges provided workforce services to 4,850 businesses and industries and approximately 48,000 employees.