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CampusCE Partners with AdReady

CampusCE is pleased to announce its partnership with AdReady to provide a powerful digital display advertising platform, enabling higher education marketers to successfully reach and convert digital consumers. In tandem with CampusCE’s EMS automated registration, payment processing and conversion optimization tools, the CampusCE | AdReady partnership provides a fully integrated front-end for getting the most […]

Why IT Innovation is Essential in Education

via Campus Technology So who cares if the people who patch the servers disappear from campus? Honestly, even IT people don’t care that much about these mundane operational tasks. That’s not the concern. The larger issue is that IT departments in general, and CIOs in particular, can and should be playing a strategic role in […]

Is College (Finally) Ready For Its Innovation Revolution?

via The Atlantic If a college student today stepped into a time machine and traveled back to Plato’s Academy of ancient Athens, she would recognize quite a bit. Sure, it might take some time to master ancient Greek and the use of stylus on wax, but she would eventually settle into a familiar academic routine. […]

Higher Education and the New Media Reality

via Campus Technology As a cultural anthropologist and researcher in the modern discipline of digital ethnography, Michael Wesch likes to ask the big, complex questions: How do we find meaning and significance in the digital age? How is technology affecting society and culture? How are social media changing teaching and learning practices? But as a […]

Low-Hanging Fruit No. 1: Portability

via Higher Education Management Higher education in the 21st century is increasingly characterized by student mobility and flexibility. More than half of today’s college graduates, not to mention those who never graduate, attend two or more institutions on their degree journey.  Yet most degree programs are written “from the bottom up”. Faculty members craft the sequence of […]

Teaching With the Cloud

via CampusTechnology Kuglin emphasized the ease-of-use of these tools and used them on the spot to assemble an ad hoc, cloud-based tutorial, complete with an audio file. “These are tools that live outside the campus,” Kuglin said. “Where is all of this content? It’s actually in a data farm out in San Francisco. It’s not […]

More Partnerships Between Colleges and Industry

via The Chronicle – More Partnerships Between Colleges and Industry Could Produce a Better-Prepared Work Force Despite years of talk, the higher-education and industry sectors of the United States still don’t collaborate enough to ensure that students are adequately prepared for jobs. And the mismatch between what employers expect and what students learn in college […]

via OLLI: Louisianna Lifelong Learning Week

via Osher Lifelong Learning Institute National Resource Center The Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, signed a proclamation designating the first week in August as Lifelong Learning Week in Louisiana. Members of OLLI at Louisiana State University have been getting the word out by asking restaurants, churches, doctors’ offices, retail and industrial companies, etc. to post […]

Workforce Development Solution for Furman CPD

CampusCE will deliver its complete workforce development package to its third department from Furman University. Furman University Learning for You and the Furman University OLLI currently make use of the cloud technology offered by the CampusCE Education Management System. CampusCE will provide the Furman University Center for Corporate and Professional Development with a registration software […]

CampusCE Welcomes UGA OLLI

CampusCE welcomes the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Georgia to the CampusCE Lifelong Learning family. CampusCE also supports the OLLI at Furman University, Kennesaw University, the University of Texas Medical Branch, and Yavapai College. Our commitment to lifelong learning is stronger than ever. We will provide UGA OLLI with an EMS solution […]