CampusCE supports multiple payment types and processes for both online and over the counter, in house registration for credit, non-credit and contract training scenarios. CampusCE works with multiple payment authorization service providers depending on your institution’s needs and CampusCE has working integrations with seven of the most popular services in addition to the ones listed below.

All payment information is collected and authorized by the payment processor, and integration is built to accommodate any ancillary data the institution wishes to include and is supported by that processor. Please get in touch with a member of our team by emailing to learn more about our payment gateway partners.

Nelnet Business Solutions

Nelnet Business Solutions delivers superior technology and innovative business tools that improve service and reduce costs for higher education. This goal is accomplished by providing a suite of campus commerce solutions including eBilling and ePayment, actively managed tuition payment plans, cashiering, campus-wide commerce management, student refunds, and more. Working with approximately 700 educational institutions and two million students and families each year, Nelnet integrates with all major ERPs and can help your campus achieve and maintain PCI compliance.

TouchNet Payment Gateway

TouchNet® Payment Gateway™ is a secure and powerful payment engine and transaction manager that drives campus commerce for more than 700 colleges and universities. It handles hundreds of thousands of payment-related transactions each day, securely, efficiently, in real time. Payment Gateway is a secure hub for processing campuswide payments and is the foundation for the entire U.Commerce® commerce management system.

Higher One

Founded in 2000, Higher One is a leading company focused on helping college business offices manage operations and provide enhanced service to students. Through a full array of services from refunds, payments, electronic billing, payment plans and more, Higher One works closely with colleges and universities to ensure students receive Financial Aid refunds quickly, can pay tuition and bills online, make on-campus and community purchases, and learn the basics of financial management. Higher One provides its services to distinguished public and private higher education institutions throughout the country to approximately 5.3 million students.


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